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Kjaer Weis: Eyeshadow Love


I fell in love with this stunning eyeshadow by Kjaer Weis at one of my favorite online beauty destinations for the eco-minded ‘ I am Natural Store’. The opulent and one of a kind compact case had me feeling like I had just walked into Tiffanys. In an array of mystical colors, a superb line up of ingredients and no nasties,  this product is high-end natural beauty at its best . ‘Cloud Nine’ is a perfect choice for an everyday base and highlighter for the eyes, one I would recommend. The sky is the limit with this delightful organic beauty brand shop it here.


organic eyeshadow, kjer weis, beauty product review


  • The most stunning reusable eye shadow case you will ever own
  • Beautiful ingredients
  •  Bamboo-  Rich in natural silicone and important for collagen sythesis
  • Honey-suckle extract – Antibacterial, nature’s own preservative
  • Gardenia Florida Extract – Antioxidant.


  • The price is $60, however its halved with the on-going refills, and you are really paying for the gorgeous case.




Product Review: Natural Shampoo Conditioner by Alba Botanica

If your having that thought to try a something a little more natural in the hair, then the Alba Botanica Haiwaiian range may be a good place to start. I spotted it at my local organic grocer, and the price had me buying 3 bottles of each!!  It smells like a hawaiian summer vacation, ill say no more.  Check out my review below and you be the judge x

natural shampoo conditioner product review alba botanica


  • Nourishing and rich shampoo and conditioner that revives, rourishes and repairs damaged hair
  • key ingredients such as cocoa, aloe vera, macadamia, and Jojoba all wonderful for the hair
  • has a delicious fruity smell that makes the hair feel soft and silky
  • both very reasonably priced at $11.55 for each


  • There are some ingredients that don’t fall in the natural department, such as preservatives. This an area they could improve on.








Product Review: Organic Cream Cleanser

A product that delivers by Australian Bush Flower Essences with its creamy texture and delicious aroma of spring flowers. This beauty is on my top 10 list. It was an impulsive moment   at the grocer store, and a moment which I’m glad I had.  With its non- toxin and certified organic ingredients, this only gave my skin the happiness it deserves..

organic beauty product review


  • -amazing for dry, oily and even the most sensitive skin
  • – with 7 Australian Bush flower essences –  angelsword, Billy-goat plum, Bottlebrush, Bush Iris, Five Corners, Flannel Flower, Fringed Violet.
  • – Winner 2015 for the Natural Health, International Beauty Awards
  • – Price is very reasonable at $22.95



  • There are none…

And that is an honest review, from an organic beauty gal. xx



Five Favorites

My fabulous five favorites to share with you this week are things that matter to me and ways that i like to keep myself in check and feeling good on the inside..Precious moments are most important or the little things that mean alot. Like a smile from a stranger, or the car that lets you go first, a little time out in nature perhaps..What are your favorite things that make you happy?x



beach, beauty, sundays(Sunday feeding the soul with a little nature and happy thoughts)

organic blueberry smoothie recipe( Organic cup of goodness, will share the recipe soon)

valentines day quote

( a most beautiful Valentine’s day quote via @cedarandstonebotanicals)

Cindy Crawford-Marie Clare 2015( Cindy Crawford showing the real self unretouched in the latest Marie Claire Feb Issue)

Le Specs, The Upside, street style( A relaxing day in Mother Nature enjoying what we have rather that what we don’t)

(wearing Upside and Le Specs)